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LMQL v0.0.6.1

May 3, 2023

We released LMQL v0.0.6.1, which contains several bug fixes and improvements. The most notable changes are:

  • Cache Layer Bug Fixes This release contains several fixes and improvements to the recently introduced cache layer.

  • Stopping Phrases Stopping phrases specified via STOPS_BEFORE are now passed to the OpenAI API as "stop" parameter, decreasing the number of tokens used for the request. If you want to disable this (e.g. to allow speculative execution), you can specify the new decoder parameter openai_nonstop=True.

  • Asynchronous Output Writers All output writers have been refactored to use asynchronous I/O. This should simplify integration with other asynchronous frameworks, e.g. for HTTP or Websocket APIs. We also added a new chapter on Output Streaming to the documentation.

  • Output Writers for HTTP endpoints, WebSockets and Server-Sent Events Based on the updated output writer interface, we added three new output writers for serving LMQL queries as HTTP endpoints, WebSockets and via Server-Sent Events (SSE). To learn more, check their relatively simple implementations in the new lmql.output module. We will also provide more documentation on how to use them, e.g. with aiohttp in the future.