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July 25, 2023

We just released LMQL This is a minor update with a couple of smaller fixes and improvements.

  • lmql.F now supports positional arguments:
greet = lmql.F("Greet {a} and {b}: [GREETING]")

# call with positional arguments
greet("Alice", "Bob") # Greet Alice and Bob: Hello!
# call with keyword arguments
greet(a="Alice", b="Bob") # Greet Alice and Bob: Hello!
  • We improved the error handling of the llama.cpp backend and fixed a bug with model identifier parsing.

  • We also fixed a bug with the LMTP scheduler, where CPU load was high even when no tasks were present. Thanks to community member @4onen for reporting and fixing this!

  • Added backend support for auto_gptq quantized models, contributed by community member @meditans.

  • We fixed an issue where for Azure OpenAI models, a dummy configuration api.env was needed. See our documentation for details. Thanks to community members Missing and @hooman-bayer for their feedback and contributions to this.

Versioning Note: is the last release with two leading zeros. Starting with the next release, LMQL will adopt semantic versioning and use a single leading zero, i.e. 0.6.7.